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Tea Towel Frame Instructions

Instructions for how to use your Tea Towel Frame. Includes step-by-step animations along with handy tips and tricks.


Animation Instructions for how to use your Tea Towel Frame.


- Layout your fabric and timber bars onto a table - The Corner Block Studio brands indicate the rear of each bar. The keyhole slot is in the top bar. Place your fabric display-face down.

- In the Animation, we fold the fabric in and then wrap it around the bar. Why? This helps align the fabric neatly and results in the frame being square.

- In the Animation, we push the the fabric into the slot (without the cord) first. Why? This creates a neat finish and stops the fabric from bunching and pulling.



Option - Cotton Cord


Hanging Method - Cotton Cord. 

Pull the cord to lengthen the loop (it comes shortened in the packaging). The knots will slide along until they touch, this makes it long and tidy. 

Option - Hidden



Hanging Method - Hidden

If you want the hanging method to be hidden, trim the cotton loop until it is the width of the timber or your fabric. 

Hang your Pressi Frame flush against the wall using a screw, nail or hook hidden in the 'keyhole' slot in the top timber. (The nail, screw or hook is not supplied with the frame.) 

‘I rent, I have no hooks!’ no problem, removable velcro strips are a-ok!


If you have questions and would like some help, feel welcome to get in contact via phone or email - Contact Page.