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Free shipping of orders over $140


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Materials and Making

Our recycled hardwoods are classic aged and of premium grade. We use a variety of Australian Hardwood species. They are all salvaged from demolition projects such as old home and bridges - using recycled timber protects our bushlands and forests.

Read our About Page to learn more about our timber source and sustainability.

You can choose between two natural colours:

– Blonde coloured timbers with fair tones of ripe wheat, sandy shores and an occasional soft pinkish tinge.

– Brunette coloured timbers which range from pale brunette through to dark chocolate.

Our hardwood frames are finished with clear, natural oils. Let it age gracefully or maintain the finish by re-applying occasionally.

Most frames will reveal characteristics of the recycled timber’s former life, such as charcoal coloured flecks around nail holes. These unique variations add warmth and history to each piece. The natural grain and colours vary from being straight and minimal to being curved and beautiful. Some pieces have unique knots and swirls (we love finding these). Please expect variations and individuality.

Our Queensland Hoop Pine is carefully sourced from sustainable plantations.

Read our About Pageto learn more about our timber source and sustainability.

This is a fair coloured timberwith white, pale yellow and soft brown colour tones. The grain can be minimal or have light stripes and curves. It features the occasional, small knot. It is lightweight and lovely.

Our Hoop Pine frames have a raw (uncoated) finish.

Its raw finish can be kept naked and natural, or personalised and protected with oil, wax, stain or paint.

Please expect variations and individuality, timber is a natural and varied material.


We choose premium, natural materials that are environmentally sustainable and durable. Material selection is important to us - we use renewable, biodegradable and/or vegan materials.


It starts with the design - our frames have been developed to embrace the unique properties of natural materials, and we have designed out the need for plastics and energy hungry materials like magnets, metal and glass.


Our timber frames are made from Australian hardwoods which are 100% recycled or Queensland Hoop Pine which is grown on sustainably managed plantations. We know our earth and it's creatures are precious.


The cord is 100% cotton, inside and out (we searched hard to bring you a cord that does not conceal a polyester core). The black cord is 100% recycled, made from dark coloured, reclaimed textile industry waste.


Our Vegan leather is a durable material made from FSC certified wood fibres (Forestry Stewardship Council) bound with synthetic latex which is 100 by OEKO - TEX certified (a product safety standard which tests for harmful substances and responsible use of chemicals). We choose vegan leather because we won't make homewares from animals.


Read our About Page where we go into even more detail about sustainability and our materials.


We make all of our products in Meanjin, Brisbane, Australia. Our timber range is made by us in-house so we know that the working condition are safe and the pay is fair. Our vegan leather products are sewn by a local, family operated apparel manufacturer.

Our timber frames are made by us in Meanjin, Brisbane, Australia.

Our vegan leather frames are sewn by a local apparel manufacturer - a small, family operated business.

Installation Instructions and Tips

Visit:  Pressi Frame Instructions Page for the full instructions, along with tips and tricks.

Visit: Tea Towel Frame Instructions Page for the full instructions, along with tips and tricks.

Visit: The Harness Instructions Page for the full instructions, along with tips and tricks.

Visit: Tea Towel Instructions Page for the full instructions, along with tips and tricks.

Custom Frames

Yes, we do make custom sized versions of our products.

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Custom Pressi Frames

For custom size requests of our other products please email and describe the dimensions of your artwork and which timber you would like.

We can offer custom branding for larger quantities. Some ideas for custom branding include:

– Corporate gifts

– Wedding favours

– Collaborations

Be in touch to chat about options:  Contact Details

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