Pressi Frame Instructions

Simple instructions for how to use your Pressi Frame. Includes step-by-step animations along with handy tips and tricks.

How It Works

Animation - Close-up of Installing artwork.

Your artwork is gently clamped in each timber bar using a soft cotton cord. This securely holds your artwork, without damaging it.

Ideal for prints, photos, posters, kid's art, and original art on paper. Suits paper and material up to 1mm thick (about 600 gsm).

Original design made from 100% renewable materials.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Animation - Installing artwork into top and bottom bar.

1. Remove the cotton cords from the timber bars .

2. Place the timber bars onto a table, front sides down (logo facing you).

3. Slide the top edge of your artwork into the top timber bar. Make sure it goes all the way into the slot.  

4. Press the cotton cord into the slot using your fingers. This will clamp your artwork in place. Make sure you push it in nice and deep. (You can use a credit card instead of your fingers). 

5. Repeat this with the bottom bar and the bottom edge of your artwork. 

6. Hang your Pressi Frame on the wall.

Hanging Options:

Option A - Hidden

Hang your Pressi Frame flush against the wall using a screw, nail or hook hidden in the 'keyhole' slot in the top timber. (The nail, screw or hook is not supplied with the frame.) 

‘I rent, I have no hooks!’ no problem, removable velcro strips are a-ok!

Option B - Cotton Cord Triangle (Add On)

You can get a cotton cord loop as an add on if you like the triangle hanger look. Then, replace the top cord with the cotton cord loop. Then, hang your Pressi Frame from, well, anything!

TIP - Framing Artwork with Rough/Wonky Edges (E.G. Children's Artwork)

Fold or trim:It's important for the top and bottom edges of your artwork to be nice and straight in order to get a firm and reliable hold. If you have artwork with ripped or scruffy edges, we suggest that you fold or trim the top and bottom edges to create a straight and square edge.

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