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The Harness Instructions

Simple instructions for how-to-use The Harness with step-by-step animations and handy tips.


1. Hang The Harness on the wall.

2. Place your book/vinyl into the straps.

Adjusting The Thickness

The straps will naturally adjust to accommodate the thickness of your piece. It's recommended for pieces up to 5cm thick.

Adjusting The Size - Height and Width

Slide the knots to adjust the size of The Harness.

Hang on the wall and install your book/vinyl. Repeat until you like how it looks with the size of your book/vinyl.

The Harness suits pieces up to 31cm tall.

Tip: Hide The Knots

Hide the knots behind your book/vinyl.

If you have questions and would like some help, feel welcome to get in contact via phone or email. Thank you!