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Free shipping of orders over $140


The Pressi Frame back story

So our best seller - the Pressi Frame. It's perfect for photos, prints and kid's art (and fabric too, if it's hem free). 

But for a few years we ignored requests of market goers for a print hanger, see we thought magnet hangers had this covered - 2 pieces of timber along the print edge...snap, snap & hope they keep sticking.
But the requests kept coming, and we heard the complaints of magnets popping out of the timber, or hangers randomly collapsing apart as magnets weakened, and we thought "well at least we can design out those nasty magnets" - see magnets need to be both mined and refined, often using toxic substances in that refining process.
So if magnets don't need to be used, why use them? 

We experimented a LOT, despite the simplicity of the Pressi Frame design, it took a lot of iterations to reach it. But that's why we now have a unique, patented print hanger that is better for the earth.

And then the artists and photographers got excited. It was December 2018 markets to be exact, the Pressi's first outing.

A hanger that takes seconds to install a work into, but doesn't dent or leave magnet pinch marks on the art they want to sell - that's awesome for an artist.
Or a photographer. Or a print lab. Or gift shop selling prints. Or anyone that wants to rotate, re-use or just look after the prints on their wall - without the expense or hanging weight of a full picture frame.

And then we realised how strong the hold was - a little bit of finger force all the way across the artwork adds is a STRONG hold on light paper up to 600 GSM (1mm) card.
And while magnet hangers get weaker as the paper or card gets thicker (and heavier), the Pressi Frame only gets stronger.

So yeah, we're pumped! And thankful to have the little (or large) Pressi Frame in our line up of sustainable, unique art display options.

It's a pretty cool example where innovation, motivated by seeking a more environmentally sustainable option, has yielded a more functional result. At least in our humble experience and circles.

LM - April 2022

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