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The Harness: Frame your Books and Vinyl

New project launching on Kickstarter August 2020!




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Frame your Books and Vinyl

Get your beloved collection out of storage and onto your walls.

Made From Sustainable Textiles

We choose quality, desiable, vegan materials. 

Launching on Kickstarter 12 October 2020

Support us to bring this project to life.

About Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a platform where creatives can raise money for their projects. You can support a project by making a 'pledge' in exchange for a 'reward'. For our project, the reward is that you will be the first to receive our new product, The Harness. 

Backers are only charged for their pledge at the end of a campaign if it is fully funded. Then the creator gives their backers many grateful hugs, and sets about fulfilling the rewards.

Media Pack

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